Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cupcake Recipe

Recipe for the Perfect Cupcake

1 lamp shade painted and upside down
1 Styrafoam ball with stem
a Pinch of stuffing
a dash of sprinkles made of yarn
1 cup of "I'm not spending $25 of my 20 month old's costume"
A Tablespoon of convincing her to get into the costume (2 people required)

Finding time to blog doesn't happen very often. So I have to do all my posts at once. Blog-Vomit, if you will. If you are interested in the "goings on" of our family, scroll down and have fun :)


  1. If I ever have a little girl I am totally stealing this idea...I am pretty sure that not even the two of us could get Z to be a cupcake! Ha!

    Sooo cute!

  2. Adorable!!!! Seriously, one of the cutest costumes I have EVER seen! Miss you guys!

  3. oh my goondess that's the cutest thing i have ever seen! both the costume and the little lady ;)

  4. love the family theme! fun tradition-keep it up!