Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cupcake Recipe

Recipe for the Perfect Cupcake

1 lamp shade painted and upside down
1 Styrafoam ball with stem
a Pinch of stuffing
a dash of sprinkles made of yarn
1 cup of "I'm not spending $25 of my 20 month old's costume"
A Tablespoon of convincing her to get into the costume (2 people required)

Finding time to blog doesn't happen very often. So I have to do all my posts at once. Blog-Vomit, if you will. If you are interested in the "goings on" of our family, scroll down and have fun :)

Fall festivites

We had cousins come into town this weekend and so we did lots of fun fall things!
Scarlette and "Manga" had lots of fun riding the train at the American West Heritage Center.
Daddy and mommy took turns taking Scarlette down the "Big Slide."
Scarlette's favorite movie it Tangled. So we had to get her picture in front of the Tangled display at the Pumpkin Walk.
Here with the cousins (well my cousin's kids) at the entrance of the Pumpkin Walk. They look like they could be Scarlette's older sisters and brother, don't they?
Hangin with Daddy at the Aggie Game!


Scarlette started "mommy and me" gymnastics in September. She loves to do forward rolls, jump on the trampoline, and play in the foam pit. She also knows straddle, tuck, and pike.
This is us getting ready to go before her first day.
I taught her how to do the gymnastics salute before we left. I didn't want her going in like a total beginner! ha ha!

Livin in the Projects

It seems as though the last few months our house not been settled. There has been some kind of project going on in one room or the other at all times. We repainted the kitchen and put a chair rail up. We had multiple dining tables and washing machines taking up the kitchen. We canned the veggies from our garden. There were lots of holiday and decor crafts. And we painted out kitchen cabinets. Further explanation follows:

Our bed is just on a bed frame. We didn't have a head board or anything. I got inspired by Pinterest and rescued an old 70's head board from the D.I ($5.00!) I just spray painted it and screwed it into some boards so that it would sit really tall and look the way I wanted it to. This is how it turned out, and I'm pretty happy with it :)

Here is a witch hat I made and some D.I. shows turned witch shoes. Thanks to my sister for coming up with the perfect "witch" saying to go with my decorations.
We've been enjoying the spoils of our summer garden. All except for our pumpkins... THEY WERE STOLEN!!! There wasn't a lot of "love at home" for FHE the Monday night we planned to carve pumpkins, only to discover that they were all gone!
We canned our own salsa, tomato sauce, and peach cobbler filling. We also froze corn, creamed corn, and green beans. I've also become quite the expert with Zucchini. I made up my own recipe for Zucchini bread and I make some killer Zucchini cupcakes! (that one's not my own recipe :)
We painted the kitchen/dining room turquoise and put up a white chair rail. To see a "before" picture of our kitchen go to a few posts back when we moved into our house. It used to be green and a lot of people commented that they liked that color, but something was bugging me. I think it went too perfectly with the decorations and looked all "matchy-matchy" like a grandma kitchen or something. I wanted to go with a color that was bright and unexpected.
We originally had a borrowed kitchen table from a family member. I wanted one that was a little smaller to make our kitchen not seem so crowded and I wanted one that matched. So I got this table and chairs at the D.I. for $18.00 I just re-covered the chairs to match and used a new particle board circle for the top because it was missing.( that's why we had 2 tables taking up our kitchen for a while, we didn't have a truck to returned the borrowed one. And the 2 washing machines were here too because we had a really old 80's washer that my uncle gave us but my sister's boss was getting rid of his newer washer and offered to give it to us. Once again we had to find the truck to move it all around.)
We painted our cabinets black. It was a long, tedious process but we are really happy with how it turned out!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

If you've gone private...

If your blog has gone private, could you send me an invite?
...That is, if you want me to be able to see your blog. If not, I'll only be a little offended. Ha ha!
I just haven't worked on my blog for so long, I've lost touch with the blogs that I used to read.
Here's my e-mail


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Reason(s) why I am a horrible blogger...

This is probably the main reason. I'm the coach for the Sky View drill team. I know, I'm crazy! It's a lot of hard work and pretty time consuming. But the good news is that we have early morning practice before Spencer heads to work so I don't have to worry about trying to find someone to watch Scarlette. This summer has been filled with practice, camp, parades, team BBQ's, and many parent and booster club meetings. The team has come along way this summer and we still have a ways to go, but our two performances this week went well, so I'm optimistic for the future :)Scarlette and I have been spending a lot of time playing in the water this summer. She loves to go swimming, but it's very tiring for me to take her by myself. She is not scared of the water at all. So if I let go of her, she's running right for the deep and of the pool! And while we swim together in the water, she's constantly pushing away from me so she can swim on her own. I have a floatie for her, but she doesn't want to be in it cuz all the big kids don't use floaties. There is a splash pad here, so that's a little easier for me to take her to, so we've been doing that a lot lately, too.
We went on my family's annual 24th of July boating trip to Alpine, Wyoming. It was a lot of fun! Lots of wakeboarding and tubing and some Razor rides on the side.

Spencer and I went to Hawaii in May. We left Scarlette with the grandparents for a whole week! It was really nice to get away and we totally got hooked up! My cousin lives in Waikiki so we stayed at his place and he let us use his car (Thanks Kirk!) we didn't have to worry about a place to stay or transportaion. And we used our credit card airline miles for the flight. Yeah we know how to travel!
Polynesian Cultural Center Luau

Laie, Hawaii Temple

We learned how to surf!

Spencer is also in Young men's now. So he's been busy with youth conferences and scouting trips. Most of his days off of work lately have been taken up by outings with the young men. Now that school is starting, hopefully there won't be as many activities where he has to be gone all day :) Here he is at youth conference this last weekend in Salt lake. He was plum tuckered out!
Scarlette is now in nursery, which we are loving! And we are starting a "mommy and me" gymnastics class on tuesday. I'm so excited!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life as of late

It's been a long time since I've updated our blog, so here goes! One major milestone is that Scarlette is walking! She started taking a few steps at about 9 months and was on the go at about 91/2-10 months! She's been getting into everything ever since! She also says a couple of words. She mostly says puppy (she really loves dogs) and baby. And then she says "dada" and "mom, mom"
Christmas was great! Even though Scarlette was a little young to understand Christmas, Spencer and I had so much fun getting her gifts and getting her all exited for it. We spent Christmas eve with Spencer's family and Christmas day with mine. The picture above is my family in front of our Christmas tree up here in Logan.
Scarlette got tons of toys and some clothes. This is a winter hat that my mom gave her (the gift bow is optional) And here is Spencer and Scarlette at temple Square to see the lights. The Fam went for my brother-in-law's bday. I had a wedding video to do that day, so I couldn't go :(

Scarlette turned 1 on January 28th! I had a video of her eating cake but it wouldn't upload :(. This is the cake I made for her party. It was fun! We just had a bunch of friends over and ate treats!